Friday, April 16, 2010


Wolf is a friend of mine. He lives in France for 4 years now and want to return to the Netherlands. He bought a Buick from 1966, a very old car. I called it a 'barrel' what means in Dutch wreck. It's a converted hearse. Now he has troubles with his brakes. When the discs getting warm they got stuck. After 30 km the car gives serious troubles. Oh boy. Today he must leave for France. I don't know... Yesterday he (the car) was spotted by a radio amateur who was on PI3ZDM repeater, he saw the car while he was mobile.


  1. That car sounds a real nightmare! Will your friend ever get to France, I wonder! I am glad you too are enjoying 2 meters. It is a much neglected band in this part of the world and sometimes I worry if we do not support it, will the repeaters all close down? That would be sad. Bye for now. 73 from Adam (M6RDP)

  2. Un vieux tacot (in French). Hope your friend has a fine trip back to NL.
    73 Dick

  3. Wil hij daarmee terug verhuizen of zo...tjonge wat een barrel zeg. Maar goed, ik ken wel gekkere mensen. 73, Bas

  4. Hello Adam,
    He didn't make to France. Within 40 km the car gave up. Now he rented a car and went to France. I am more on 2 meter the last two weeks instead of HF. 73 Paul

  5. Hi Dick,
    he lives in France and he was in the Netherlands to buy this car, and make preparations to come back to the Netherlands again. Now he have a rented car to drive back to France tonight. 73 Paul

  6. Hallo Bas, ja het is echt een barrel. Hij valt zowat uit elkaar. Hij heeft de auto nu bij mij laten staan en komt hij volgende week de gehuurde auto weer terug brengen waarmee hij vanavond naar Frankrijk is vertrokken. Toestanden. 73 Paul

  7. Hi Paul - I bet the 'Barrel' has a proper engine in it, a V8, nice noise but not good MPG !!


  8. Paul:

    Car may be a "wreck" but that engine sounds good - has smooth roar... I was looking a few years back at a Ford Mustang in red - (bought MG instead).

  9. Hi Paul and Peter,

    The motor sounds great. I hope he can fix the brakes.

    73 Paul


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