Thursday, April 8, 2010

And again

I loose another wisdom tooth. Since Easter I had again a lot of pain. The female dentist extracted the wisdom tooth. That's my second extraction in one week. It has to stop now. This afternoon I checked HF and yes, there was some more activity then yesterday. I worked with CW SP85IARU on 20 meter. On 10 meter I worked with CW YO5OHO Sporadic-E propagation. With PSK31 I worked on 15 meter: OE3EV and OK2PST.

As you see, there was a Sporadic-E propagation on 10 meter.


  1. Sorry about the tooth!
    But at least HF is picking up again.
    Bon weekend! 73 Adam

  2. Hello Paul:

    Sorry to hear of your tooth problems - it's not good :-( I keep checking 10m but I miss all the action - I hope to catch activity soon - have you used RTTY with your FT450 ? wonder if you use HRD or Fldigi.

    73 Peter

  3. Paul,

    Sorry to hear about the second tooth. I had one extracted just about a year ago. I know what you're going through and I know that it is NOT fun.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  4. Ouch...sorry about the tooth. Those things seem to run in cycles. Hope you recover quickly.
    Do you pay for dental care there?

    John N8ZYA

  5. Hello Adam: I am glad the painful tooth is gone! Yesterday there was a lot of activity on all bands again. 73 Paul

  6. Hello Peter,
    at the moment I use HRD DM780 v4. I like the program very much. I haven't tried RTTY yet with HRD. I saw that your blog wasn't on my blogroll... it was gone, but I put the link back again. sorry. 73 Paul

  7. Hello Larry,
    Now things are better. I had for two months pain. I am glad that it is gone now. 73 Paul

  8. Hello John,
    I have a basic insurance for dental care. I have a own risk, about 150 euro a year. For total health care insurance I pay a monthly fee of 115 euro's. It seems a lot of money, but when I need a general practitioner or I have to be hospitalized then I don't have to pay anything. If you keep in mind that one hospital day cost 800 euro's. It is required to be insured in the Netherlands for health care. 73 Paul

  9. My brother pays a little over $7,000 USD a year for his "high deductible" medical plan with a big "donut" hole in the middle.

    I use the Veterans Administration for my health care so it is VERY reasonable. ($15 for an office visit and $8 for a 30 day prescription) But NO dental insurance.

    A "cap" cost me $700 USD and have had two recently. (within three years). I get my teeth cleaned twice a year at $130 each visit. A "filling" will cost at least $60 USD.

    Things are getting better here (despite what you will hear from the extreme right). We're making progress, but it's STILL too slow for me. It's like moving an "ocean liner" with a pair of oars. Hihi

    Sounds like you've got a bargain there....

    Hope I don't "go on and on" with my questions about your health care, but I like to know the "details" of plans in other countries. I've been fortunate enough to travel extensively the last several years and find life in other countries very interesting.

    The "major" reforms in our "health care" will not kick in until the year 2014.


Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. 73 Paul

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