Wednesday, April 7, 2010

After the geomagnetic storm 2 days ago band conditions are rather poor. Above 20 meter is almost nothing to hear. There was a lot of European short skip on 20 meter. On 40 meter I worked G6LUG and on 20 meter MM3WYM and RN6HDX (Lili) with PSK31. I had to check my vertical so it was down for a few days. Now I have tightened the bolts, and because the weather was very nice, with almost no wind, I put the vertical up again.


  1. Hi Paul - The band has been very quiet, however have been busy on 2m locally, so always something good to be had with our fine hobby !

    Hope you are well after your recent dental work.


  2. Hi Paul, it's good to bring some life into 2 meter. Tomorrow I have another appointment with the dentist. Now there is a new problem with another tooth. 73 Paul

  3. Paul, another visit with the lovely blond dentists? Painful but pleasant.

    Hope the repairs to your vertical went well. Actually it looks nice, not an overwhelming aluminum factory which so many neighbors object to. 73 Dick

  4. Hello Dick, oh boy, I had again pain for days. Now she extracted a wisdom tooth. That my second extraction in one week. My another appointment for the dentist is May 20.

    The vertical is back on duty. I am glad the antenna is not too high. Even at this hight I couldn't do it on my own. So my neighbor helped me to raise the antenna. Yeah, the antenna looks very pretty. I hope it will hold when we got heavy winds at fall. 73 Paul


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