Friday, April 2, 2010

A decision less

“There is not complete agreement on what constitutes QRP power. While most QRP enthusiasts agree that for CW; AM; FM; and data modes, the transmitter output power should be 5 watts (or less)” read more >>>

Band conditions are poor. In March the average sunspot number is for the first time in months not in upward progression but lower this time. Today the Solar Flux is under 80. I lowered my vertical because one part came loose after a few stormy days. Now I am only qrv with the inverted V dipole which works OK. Now I have fewer decisions to make. Hi.

On 10 meter I worked with CW 4X6HP Yuli from Herzliya, Israel.


  1. Hi Paul - I would love to go lower than 5 watts but my radio wont allow it.

    10m was open last night which was good.

    73 for now as at work, Paul

  2. Hi Paul, the same here. The lowest power setting of the FT-450 is 5 watt. It would be wonderful if that was the same as the FT817 or IC703. The IC 703 was on my wish list but unfortunately no longer available. 73 Paul

  3. Slightly offbeat to see a solid state design on the wooden board, but I like such breadboard design so much.

    TNX - 73 - Andy UU1CC


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