Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yesterday I worked RA9MP again on 20 meter with CW. A nice DX into Asiactic Russia. Today on 15 meter with 10 watt CW I worked W8PBO Art from Ravenswood, WV, USA.


  1. Fantastic DX contacts on CW, Paul. Excellent work!

    73 Adam

  2. Looks like things are picking up. 15 meters was my favorite band in the early 1980's. Worked plenty of PA stations from here.

    72 Dick

  3. Hello Paul,

    Wow....just next door to me. (50 miles)
    Sure wish I could get on 15 meters but it looks like I'll have to wait till this spring when I can get outside and use my G5RV.

    Great job!

    John N8ZYA

  4. Hello Adam: I didn't have much time for radio the last few days, but I try to make at least one QSO a day. 73 Paul

    Hi Dick: I can work almost everyday on 15 meter. It's much more easier to make a contact over the big pond on 15 meter. Do you have space for a Par End Fedz for 15 meter? It's only 22' long. 74 Paul

    Hello John, now 15 meter is waking up, your G5RV will doing a great job. Conditions will be better in a few months from now. 73 Paul


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