Thursday, March 18, 2010

While there were no good signals on 40 meter so far at 8.00 UTC, WØYR had a nice signal on 40 meter. Tonight there is a contest: RSGB 80 meter Club Championship. Start at 20.00 UTC till 21.30 UTC. I think I will participate with QRP. See how much I can work. Last night I worked EA8UP (Canary Islands) on a silent 40 meter band, with 25 watts SSB.


  1. Good luck with the contest. 1 1/2 hours enough time for any contest. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Paul - may have a look at the contest as well, cant go wrong at the moment, my 10 watts rules 73 Paul.

  3. Hi Dick, too crowded, too many stations, they didn't hear me with 10 watts. I didn't feel like to crank up the power. Especially not at night when everybody is watching television in the neighborhood. So I was doing PSK31 on 80. 73 Paul

    Hi Paul, see my comment above. I called in vain... hi 73 paul


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