Sunday, March 14, 2010

We have to be patient to work stations with QRP. PSK31 was too crowded because of a contest. I heard a lot of stations, even DX, Japan, USA but unable to work them. With RTTY I worked TM7CC Ouessant Island and IMØMBP St. Peter Island, Italy both with 5 watts. This afternoon I was calling on different bands with the FT450 10 watt and or the dipole or the vertical but nope... nothing at all. Then I put on the FT817 with the Miracle Whip and 10 meter wire and yes, intermediately I was heard by RW3XZ (2095 km) with a 59 report. Also heard by YU1JW from Uzice, Serbia on 40 meter both with 5 watts SSB. That good old FT817, what a fine transceiver. Later on this afternoon I had a QSO with G7VQV Allan from Eastleigh, UK on 40 meter with 10 watt SSB. And that was it for today. Tomorrow is another day. 73 Paul


  1. Hallo Paul, dat is wel bijzonder zeg. Dat het dan op een 10m draad wel wil? zou zeggen dat het juist andersom beter zou moeten gaan. Maar je weet het nooit, dat zie je maar weer.
    73 Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, dat was inderdaad een vreemde ervaring. Waarom de Miracle Whip en de 10 meter draad het zo goed doen, weet ik niet. 73 Paul

  3. Just goes to show you, with radio, expect the unexpected at times!

  4. Hello Andre, when I expect nothing, surprises are on its way. When I expect to much, nothing happens. 73 Paul


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