Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There is a new sunspot that generate radio emission. It's heard at 21 MHz. Go to Spaceweather.com, you can find more info. HF is nothing this morning no signals heard from 20 meter and higher, only noise. There is only activity on 40 meter. I made 2 CW QSO's with G3JDT and DK8IT. This afternoon I worked with CW: EO2FFF and LA3TQ on 20 meter; And LZ1ØØSB on 17 meter. I heard on 17 meter VP2/W5CW with a big pile up. And S79GM Seychelles on 15 meter with also a pile up. I tried to call a couple times, but it was to hard to come through with 5 watt QRP.


  1. Nothing heard here either, Paul. at 0750 AM local time. Of course a bit early, but the prognosis not good for today.

    At least I can't blame my antenna "farm"...yet!

    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, signals stayed poor. Though I heard some nice DX. I heard a WD5 station on 20 meter this afternoon. 73 Paul


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