Sunday, March 7, 2010

The HF vertical is up

Finally the HF vertical is up. The weather was good , blue sky and almost no wind. Perfect for raising the antenna. With the antenna tuner (MFJ 925) I got a flat SWR on all HF bands, including 160 meter. I made a test QSO on 17 meter with K1GUN (Smoking Gun) John from Woolwich, Maine, USA. I was running 80 watts SSB.

Suddenly all sunspots are gone. Even the Solar Flux is below 80 again. Conditions were poor. Though, I heard several Brazilian stations on 15 meter (ZX5J and ZY7C) I worked on 15 meter this afternoon 5B4AFM Stavros from Nicosia, Cyprus with 10 watt SSB. And on 30 meter SF4J Len from Kuma, Sweden with 10 watt CW and LY2PX Willy from Vilnius, Lithuania with 5 watt.


  1. Ziet er goed uit Paul. Antenne staat wel erg laag, maar heeft wel als voordeel dat de buren er weinig last van hebben. Is dit de glasfiber versie? Ben benieuwd naar de vergelijking met de inv-V. En de resultaten natuurlijk. USA op 17m is in ieder geval een goede start. 73, Bas

  2. Very nice, Paul. You now have a fine DX antenna. I expect to at least hear you soon. GL es 73 Dick

  3. Hallo Bas, ik las in verschillende reviews dat meer mensen die antenne laag hebben staan. Soms zelfs op de grond. Vanmiddag hoorde ik meteen op 15 meter diverse Brazilianen doorkomen. De staande golf verhouding is prima. Het is inderdaad de glasfiber versie. Zo in elkaar gezet. Ik kan beide antennes via een coax schakelaar om switchen. Op 40 en 80 is de dipool beter, maar dat had ik ook wel verwacht. Deze antenne is echt voor de hoge HF banden. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Dick, we need only some good band conditions. Hi. 73 Paul

  5. Hi Paul,

    Very nice! And good that it works so well. Is it all metal? and I see there are no radials, just the metal pole that it is bolted to. I am looking at putting something similar up on the house. Jana (XYL), has said I can go ahead :-) Suppose I should strike while I have clearance :-)
    I agree, for 80 and 40 long wire or dipole will still be best in certain conditions, but a choice is good.



  6. Hello Andre, indeed, no radials. And the antenna is a glass fiber antenna, with threaded parts so easy to put together. It s good thing when the XYL gives permission, because when not we have a problem. ;-) Sure for 80 and 40 meter my dipole is better, but for the higher bands the low angle take off is an advantage. 73 Paul

  7. Paul, I don't see any traps. Are there any? Also, where did you buy it and do they have a web site? 73 Dick

  8. Hi Dick, the antenna has no traps. It's a glass fiber antenna. The old version was made of aluminum. The elements are threaded connected. It's a Spanish product, their web site is
    I bought the antenna by a Dutch importer. 73 Paul


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