Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PSK31 on 17 meter

I practice with PSK31 is very simple, such as a lot of other things. I use VOX and a cheap microphone for the speaker to pick up the PSK sounds. I have tried several data cables (usb and serial) via the com port but I can't manage to make it work automatically. I think I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff. Anyway, it works fine this way. The video starts with the FT817 which is tuned on a local 2 meter repeater (about 20 km away) and I can receive (and work) it indoors with the Miracle Whip. I was listening on 20 meter and 17 meter with PSK31. I did not work much. With 5 or 10 watts I was calling CQ in vain. When I crank up the power to 35 or 40 watts then we're talking. Between 30 and 50 watts is the average power with PSK. I heard some stations from Argentina. I did not attempt to work them. I saw TF3IG working Bas PE4BAS, I tried to call him too (Iceland is still on my wish list), but a strong Russian station came upon me, calling him too. But he didn't came back. I saw the first smiley on my PSK screen. Today I see my doctor about my physical condition. He have to find out what's wrong with me. Hi.


  1. Good morning Paul - hope u r well, yes I like Psk too Now getting more contacts running only 10-15 wtts on my FT450 - I now use HRD, but L/Top is slow.
    But it is very good software and I have registered it - I run MyDel SB2000 Interface via Serial-USB (Virtual port 5 on this system) it seems to work very well - so I leave it set for Psk - am hoping to buy another radio soon (K3 maybe) ???
    Keep up the good work.

    73 Peter

  2. Hi Peter, I am for years a QRP operator, I and I always feel guilty when I pomp up the power. Isn't strange? Anyway, normally I work most of the time with 10 watts, or 5 W. And that works fine. When conditions are low, then it is harder to make contact between the QRO guys. But, I like PSK very much, more than CW. The DM78Ø software works fine. Yeah, a K3 is a wonderful transceiver. 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul,
    PSK is een fantastische mode. Er is altijd genoeg aanbod en er is vaak leuke DX te werken. Leuk filmpje, altijd leuk om je eigen call er in te zien. Ik heb het argentijnse station niet gezien, wel brazilië. Ook zag ik een station uit Sri Lanka, maar helaas wou dat niet lukken. Ik blijf altijd de impressie houden dat ik vaak meer zie/hoor dan een ander omdat er vaak niet gereageerd word op mijn call vooral bij de zwakkere signalen. Of het tegenstation moet al met een vermogen werken van meer dan 100W. De QSO's gisteren met de USA gingen ondanks de signalen toch bijna vlekkeloos. Het tegenstation in Colorado zat met 30W PSK en ik kon hem bijna foutloos meeschrijven. Overigens gebruik ik op dat moment wel mijn 250Hz CW filter. Die FT450 ziet er mooi uit, beetje futuristisch. Zo een 817 lijkt mij ook wel wat voor portable gebruik, heb nog even gezocht op marktplaats naar een 2e handse, maar is niet veel te koop. Blijkbaar is het een gewilde radio. 73, Bas

  4. Hi Paul,

    I normally run around 25 watts on PSK and that works well. I have made a few contacts on less than 10 watts when conditions were good.
    I find Digipan is my favourite PSK program, its easy to use and you can decode all the psk stations on the band.

    73 Kevin

  5. Hi Paul,

    Hope you are feeling better, for us in the UK the M6 is limited to 10 watts, but it doesnt seem to be a problem on the data modes, also do you use PSK reporter at it's a great sanity check for the QRPer.

  6. Hello Paul,

    I hope your doctor can get to the bottom of what is wrong with you and put you on the road to recovery. Good luck. It makes life a real struggle when your health is low. The first thing I usually drop is radio when I feel unwell as it makes me feel worse!

    Great set-up for PSK. An MØ friend of mine has the same VOX set-up and it works fine for him too. If it works, don't fix it!

    Best wishes, good health and 73 from Adam


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