Thursday, March 18, 2010

No contest

This afternoon I worked YL2MR Stan from Riga (see beautiful QSL card) with 5 watt RTTY on 20 meter. On 17 meter I spoke with UA3PQ Nick from Uzlovaya, Russia with 5 watt SSB. With PSK31 I worked RA6AN Fedor from Krasnodar, Russia (2717km) I suppose to do the RSGB contest on 80 meter, but it was madness. Too crowded, too many stations at the same time. They didn't hear me with 10 watts. Complete pile ups. And I didn't feel like to put up the power. So I went to the PSK31 part of the 80 meter band. There I worked with 10 watts: ES3RM Mait from Jarfakandi, Estonia. We had worked before but on 30 meter. Distance 1972 km. RV3LE Igor from Gagarin, Russia (1992 km) M1DBF Glyn, Rotherham. And on 40 meter with 10 watt PSK31: EB3JT Jordi from Vilafranca, Spain and RA1AJF Nikita from St. Petersburg, Russia. 1755 km.


  1. What a beautiful document. Congratulations on achieving it. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick: where is your blog? 73 Paul


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