Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nice 10 meter opening

The conditions today were slightly better then yesterday. I avoid the contest crowd by working PSK31 or CW. First I made two qso's on 40 meter: F1ICZ and DL3AAFwith PSK31. Then I noticed that 10 meter was open. I worked with 10 watt CW UA9FGR and RA9FFY both from Perm (3233 km) Asiatic Russia. With PSK31 RK9AK (3556 km) on 12 meter UA6EED and on 17 meter UN7BEW Kazakhstan (4197 km) not bad with QRP.


  1. Hello Paul. Just want to say I hope your prostrate problem has improved. Be sure to check your PSA numbers with your urologist. I have a biopsy in a couple of weeks. Men should demand the same attention that the breast cancer groups receive.

    For what it is worth, I am blogging again.

    Good luck


  2. Hello Dick, well my PSA has been checked a short while ago. I wish you luck with the biopsy, it isn't really we're waiting for, but it seems to be necessary. Your blog looks very fresh and nice template. Make a back up of the template and save it as a text file. That's what I do, when something goes wrong I can put back the saved template. Good luck, 73 Paul


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