Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mini expedition Marconi Beach

I came across this nice video. Yesterday I worked the following stations with QRP power:
PSK31 on 17 meter: SV4FFK and UA3PHY
PSK31 on 40 meter: IW4BFF/QRP and GØJEI
CW on 30 meter: 9A2YM
CW on 40 meter: LY11MM
PSK31 on 17 meter this morning: UR5FLR
PSK31 on 15 meter this afternoon: UY7QL, RA4HL (2893 km) with 5 watt)
PSK31 on 40 meter this afternoon: IZ2LUU
The last 24 hours I received 35 countries with PSK31. Special is China BG7RNE and Japan JA9AVA.

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