Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Low down

I received this eQSL card from J5UAP (Guinea Bissau) DX stations send seldom eQSL's. so I am glad with this one. Today I heard 22 countries with BPSK31 on 15, 20 and 40 meter. Nice DX on 15 meter: ZS2I, HL4CYG and JA3GAK. On 40 meter I worked GB1FBS Graham from Brede, UK with 5 watt SSB. On 15 meter BPSK31: UT2MA, UR5ICG. On 20 meter with CW LZ1XL and on 40 meter 2EØWJC/QRP (5W) Billy with BPSK31. Late this afternoon I heard in the QRP part of 20 meter LZ2RS calling CQ USA and EA5AVL calling CQ DX. Maybe QRP stations searching for DX or QRO stations who are lost. //// Since I started WSPR in August 2009, I cannot say that the activity is increasing. It stays on the same level. I lost my interest in WSPR because I worked 'the whole globe' with 5 watts, and see the same stations over and over again in my log. I like to see more participants from Africa and South America. //// I made a QSO with the FT817 and Miracle Whip + wire and spoke to SP3JWG Jurek from Poznan, Poland on 40 meter with SSB. It's a wonderful transceiver. ///


  1. Seems you had a productive day, Paul. Well done! And yes, it is a wonderful transceiver!

    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, I will take the FT817 with me when I go with holidays this summer. 73 Paul


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