Friday, March 5, 2010

Is life too short for making a small talk?

Conditions today? Yes and no. I did hear nice DX such as JA7AKH on 20 meter. He was really S9. [Listen to audio clip] Too many stations calling him. I call at the most 4 times. Then I stop. I hear strange behavior during the pile up. But OK... I worked on 20 meter 2 stations from Bosnia-Herzegovina: E73EPA Club Station and E73W. All the stations are in a hurry. Only a report and 73 and gone. Is life too short for making a small talk? On 15 meter I had a qso with UA6HBO with 10 watt SSB.


  1. There is often strange behavior in pile-ups. Ops can get so stressed!

  2. Hi Paul - yes it is a sign of the times I'm afraid - everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere fast - no time to exchange pleasantries - I also heard some strange transmissions on 40M last night - someone putting out music in the middle of the CW section.
    This behavior baffles me.
    I have just purchased the FT450 - getting to know it - I like the RX DSP filtering - keyed up for the first time last night on CW with 10w - I notice the fan activates when keying on this rig, is this normal ?

    73 Peter

  3. Hello Andre: indeed they do. I think we all searching for a station, and finally when we find one, we jump all together on that station. I we must spread and call more CQ. 73 Paul

    Hi Peter, congrats with your FT-450. It is a fine radio. Easy in use. The DSP is one of the important features of the rig. Indeed, when you transmit the fan is activated. The final will be cooled only when necessary. When you are listening the fan will not interfere with unwanted noise. Good luck with the rig. 73 Paul

  4. Thanks Paul - was not sure, this is my first "Modern" radio :-) I like to do these digital modes like PSK and RTTY, WSPR. This radio is my first new addition to the shack - I think I will be getting an Elecraft K3 as well (Later) also have new beam ready to go up for Six meters - I have never worked this band before.
    I am also thinking of a new "Shack - Laptop" this ones too slow :-(

    73 Peter

  5. If a station gives me AT LEAST a 559 report I try to engage in a bit of conversation. If less, I don't want to frustrate the guy by drifting in and out of the QSB. So I keep it short, making sure the essentials are exchanged.

    I want the "big" station to continue replying to QRP operators without fear of having to strain for a half-hour QSO by, maybe, deciding to disappear.

    73 Dick

  6. Hello Peter, 6 meters is a nice, magic band. It is more a VHF band. But with Sporadic E or tropo prorogations you can make nice DX. I like it very much. 73 Paul

    Hello Dick: indeed, I don't want to frustrated a DX station by giving extended information about everything. So I adapt to the standard QSO, also when it's only a report. But yesterday I had a contact, only 59 and he didn't even say goodbye or listen to my reply. After me he was calling for minutes CQ. I understand when he had a pile up, things will change. 73 Paul


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