Friday, March 19, 2010

I was PSK-ing today (10 watts) using HRD and Digital Master 78Ø. The feel of the program is very good. I can't stop PSK-ing with it. On 40 meter this morning: ESØOU Veljo from Saamaraa Island, Estonia. DL9SXX Hanno from Haar, Germany; and Yes, Paul M6PCZ from Torquay, UK for the first time! LX2FC Claude from Differdange, Luxembourg. We had worked before. On 15 meter UT5EPP Nick from Krivoy Rih, Ukraine. I heard on 10 meter 3B8GT Mauritius, but when I called him, his signal went down in the noise.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Finally I can reply to you, each time I've been on your site it would not allow me to post, actually no posting box !

    Thanks for the psk31 contact and I hope we can qso soon on voice, hope you are feeling better as well.

    All the best, Paul.

  2. Hi Paul, funny that we contact that soon. it took a longtime before I had a first qso with Adam. I hope to meet you also with SSB on 40 or other band. 73 Paul

  3. I'll be around on 40m before 10.00 utc tomorrow morning if you're around.

  4. Hi Paul, maybe, I am not sure. I have to contact my doctor tomorrow because my physical conditions isn't OK yet. 73 Paul


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