Friday, March 12, 2010

Click on picture to enlarge. While doing the weekend shopping I let WSPR run on 40 meter. DX: VK7FGMH Tasmania Island.

I am still testing my QRZ page. Now I used as background the eQSL photo. Now I am very pleased with it. The standard QRZ page is so boring. Thanks to Vlad UA6JD who was very helpful and for giving ideas.


  1. Very Nice. Which antenna were you using Paul?

    I don't want to be a "Kill Joy", but as WSPR is supposed to be M.E.P.T (Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter), are you really allowed to leave it transmitting when you are out? I am always too scared to leave it TX'ing if I am out, unless I am accessing it as a remote station, which my license allows.


    vy 73


  2. Hello André, hmmm, just keep me thinking, maybe your right. I used my dipole for 40 meter. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul

    Nevertheless it's pretty impressive - I would always be a bit worried about leaving in a TX mode - I always like to be around (just in case).
    Hoping soon to get my 450 on Psk.

    Enjoy the weekend

    73 Peter

  4. Paul,

    Mooi resultaat. Ik ben net op 30M ook weer door een VK7 station gehoord.
    5 watts in een magnetic-loop in huis.

    Prettig weekend.

    73, Tjeerd

  5. Hi Paul,

    Very very very impressive QRZ page. It looks fantastic. I admire your pc skills.

    73 Adam

  6. Hele mooie DX Paul. Ze hebben in Tasmania niet veel last van ruis...73, Bas

  7. Hello Peter, normally I don't do such things. ;-) I like to keep an eye on the set. Have a good weekend too. 73 Paul

    Hoi Tjeerd, WSPR blijft toch leuk om te doen zo af en toe. Als de gewone condities wat achter blijven, is met WSPR nog iets leuks te bereiken. 73 Paul

    Hello Adam, I was a bit playing around and got help from UA6JD with it. I like the way is is now. 73 Paul

    Hallo Bas, het lijkt me heerlijk om daar te wonen. 73 Paul


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