Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The sun comes alive

Without no doubt the sun comes alive. Since 29 October last year I keep up the records daily for making a graphic. As you can see, the linear line is going upwards. Slowly the higher bands comes alive too. I can't wait for a crowded 10 meter and 6 meter with nice DX, just to work with QRP.

PSK31 is the winner. The most DXCC is achieved with PSK31. CW is a good second with close behind SSB. The other modes are in the minority. Maybe I am a bit old fashion, all the new modes I like to try sometimes, but after all only a transceiver should be needed with a keyer. Nothing more. OK, PSK31 is the only real popular digi mode. And it is not necessary to work with only macros, you can chat also with using the keyboard. I have noticed that a lot of USA stations work that way. Maybe for foreigners the language is an obstacle.

On 20 meter I worked E77YZ Adis from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina with 10 watt SSB. On 30 meter I worked YL2UZ Tur from Smiltene, Latvia with 10 watts CW.


  1. Hi Paul, I like the upward trend, however a steeper line would be better.

    When I fist got my first HF rig early last year I never listened on 15/12/10m as only white noise, but now I scan these bands and have heard lots on 15/12 now and even a little on 10m, still noise on 6m though.

    It's exciting isnt it ! (My wife doesnt think so)

    73 Paul.

  2. Hi Paul, good things comes slowly...
    In the early days (seventies) I worked only on the higher bands. ;-) I hope my wife don't mind. But we have to consider them, isn't it? 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul, het is inderdaad goed te merken. Vandaag weer mijn afstandsrecord op 12m WSPR verbeterd. Activiteit daar is ineens vrij groot. Leuk dat je dat allemaal bijhoud hoeveel DXXC op welke mode. Doe je dat met excel?

    73 Bas

  4. Hallo Bas, ja ik houd dat soort dingen bij in excel. Altijd leuk om te doen. 73 Paul


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