Monday, February 1, 2010

QRP forever

Weekends are always busy. In the spare time a made a few QSO's. Saturday: RV3LE Igor from Gagarin, Russia with 10 watt PSK31 on 40 meter. G4MIB Stuart from Taunton, UK with 10 watt PSK31 on 80 meter. Sunday: MW6DUL Dulyn from Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales (see photo) with 5 watt PSK31 on 80 meter and RN3ZDD Yuri from Valuyki, Russia (2309 km) with 5 watt CW on 40 meter.

Now I have my FT450, instead of the IC703 which was not available anymore, now with an QRO rig I could be tempted to work up to 100 watt. And I did, why? To see if I can work stations which I cannot work normally with QRP. Was I satisfied when I accomplished a QSO with 100 watt? No, absolutely not. I get the real fun and satisfaction when I work 2000 km or more with 5 watt. I am a QRP operator. That's for sure. I leave the FT450 standard at 5 watt output. That's enough for me.

But why a FT450, why not only the great little devil FT817? The FT450 was a present of the YL, and I like a base station because the display is larger, the controls (VFO) are larger, much more easy to handle than the FT817. The wonderful DSP and the narrow 500 Hz CW filter, makes it worthwhile.

I got my first complaint about LFI. My neighbor got a little cheap transisor radio on his bureau desk, and he works sometimes from his home in the morning hours. He said he heard me on his radio. Aaargh, oh no, I thought. Perhaps at the moment I had skeds with Adam while I was using 30 or more watts SSB. This week I check if he got also problems when I use QRP. It's a friendly neighbor and we can solve the problem.

This morning I worked with 5 watt PSK31 on 40 meter IZ2QDG Angelo from Pian Camuno, Italy and OK2BQX Karel from Albrechtice, Czech Republic. This afternoon I worked GM1INK/P with 5 watt SSB on 40 meter.


  1. Anonymous2/01/2010

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  2. Hi Wally, I have interference with the WII of my son, even with QRP. It always possible, the hardware is not good protected against LFI. Ferriet kraaltje en het probleem is misschien opgelost. Anders koopt ie maar een echte radio. ;-) 73 Paul

  3. Some very good contacts there, Paul.

    Yes, in spite of my raving about the FT-817, the very small control buttons are a pain in the butt! I would go crazy if I were constantly using them.

    Operating cw only with a straight key on one or two HF bands means I don't go to the menu that frequently...except to engage the cw filter. That helps in my case. Also having the tiny 817 at the portable QTH makes my YL happy. No big rig cluttering her apartment.

    I am looking forward to using my IC-718 with it's larger display and larger controls. Also, the OHR100A which has no buttons at all and reasonable size knobs. I'd like the OHR 30 meter model, also.

    QRP is more than a way of operating, it is a way of life. Sure, RFI may have been the initial reason for QRPing. But once that is no longer an issue, the satisfaction of operating flea power cannot be least by many of us.

    72 de Dick

  4. Hello Dick, your right, when I work a Russian station with QRO, there's no thrill at all. But when I work the same station with QRP I am excited to work 2000 or 3000 km. QRP is a lot more fun, that's for sure. Indeed, the larger controls are certainly an improvement. You will experience that with your IC-718. 73 Paul

  5. Hallo Paul, vind QRP ook het leukst. Maar het is wel handig om QRO achter de hand te hebben. Voorlopig zit de montage van je vertical er nog niet in. Maar het draadje zal het ook prima doen met de PACC. 73, Bas

  6. Hallo Bas, ja hoor, die dipole doet het prima voor de PACC contest. 73 Paul

  7. I have the same excitement with QRP gear. My only complaint with the 703 is that I didn't buy the extra filtering. (my fault).

    I've been lucky with the neighbors about LFI. My biggest problem is "blinking" lights downstairs. Anything with a "touch sensitive" switch doesn't seem to like RF.

    Great contacts Paul....I've been reading a bit about PSK. It seems very easy to operate. If I can run it with my little E-PC, I might give it a try. My radio and desktop are in different rooms.

    John N8ZYA

  8. Hello John, I like PSK31 once in a while. But not all the time. I like to change from CW to PSK31 and SSB. Sometimes JT65A or RTTY. 73 Paul

  9. Hello Paul, It is a good job your neighbour is a friendly chap - that will make the problem much easier to fix. Sorry for missing the SKED this morning. May have to miss Wednesday morning also - sorry. Also as I feel so unwell I do not feel like going on the radio or the laptop. So forgive me if I am not on the radio this week - hopefully back to normal ops agn soon!!!!

  10. Hello Adam, never mind, when you are feeling well again we'll meet on 40 meter. Take care, take your time. In the meantime I try to fix the RF problem with the neighbours. 73 Paul


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