Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PSK on 80 meter

This morning I had a nice qso with G6CSY Tom (see photo) from London, UK on 80 meter with PSK63. Also worked DO9FR Frank from Lubeck, Germany on 80 meter PSK31. Last night I worked 9A1CCB Ivan from Garesnica, Croatia and F1HSY Bernard from Limas, France; both with PSK31 on 80 meter. On 40 meter F2FY Paul from Arras, France and SN85IARU Gen from Suwalki, Poland. I made all qso's with 5 watt. /// Today it's a windy and rainy day. All the snow melted away.


  1. Paul that is some great 80M work.
    72 Dick

  2. Hello Dick, just keep on going with my 5 watts. I like 80 meter. 73 Paul


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