Saturday, February 13, 2010

PACC contest

This picture has nothing to do with the PACC contest. But it is such a nice picture I want to share it. I am ready for the contest which start at 12.00 UTC. I go for category F which is the QRP section < 5 watt. I start on 20 meter, if conditions are OK. After 17.00 UTC I'll go to 40 meter, and later this evening I'll go to 80 meter. Because of cold weather conditions I was not been able to put up the broadband vertical. So I can't work on 15 meter or higher.


  1. hello, i also worked QRP today... nice contest. i wrote on my blog about it. i was only on 20m band. i didnt knew about this contest :))
    i only can work PA stations in PACC? until now i worked only PA's.
    73, Adrian - YO5PBG

  2. Hi Paul, I heard the station LZ10ARDF call you back on 20m, unfortunately did not hear you as lots of QRM due to the activity on the band, BTW I have heard 17,15 and 12m opening up to stateside, nothing on 10m or my current (until I get my license) 11m band, so you need to get that vertical up !


Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. 73 Paul

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