Sunday, February 14, 2010

PACC Contest #2

Pfffff... the contest is finished. 18 hours of contest, single operator, category QRP < 5 watt. I worked all 12 Dutch provinces and 27 DXCC countries. Best DX Asiatic Russia. Total 144 QSO's. I thought I could work more in '24 hours' but I forgot that I was working QRP. A lot of stations don't hear me with all that stations noise and QRM. It funny that when 40 meter was clossing down, after 2100 UTC, that 2 hours later the band opens up again but for DX stations. I heard JA stations very good. (But they don't hear me :-() and VK and very loud signals from Greece on 40 meter. I worked also PE4BAS on 80 meter in the contest. Now I will take a rest for today. Enough is enough.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Sounds like you did realy well for 5 watts or less, I keep hearing the 'big-guns' on 20m with their 3/4/5/6 ele Yagi's and 1.2 KW and think to myself when I get my license how my 10W and wire antenna will get on, well reading blogs like yours give me inspiration that I wont be shouting needlessly into space.

    When will you get the contest results back ?

    73 Paul.

  2. Hi Paul, keep in mind that the difference between 5 watt and 100 watt is 16 db or 2 S-points. You want be heard twice as loud, then you power must be multiplied by 10. So the difference between 5 watt or 10 watt is marginal. At least you need 100 watt to be heard twice as loud. So when you have 100 watt and you use a linear and pump it up to 400 watt, it's still marginal. That's why QRP is really the best thing you can do. And it is much more fun. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Paul,

    Great number of QSO's for 5 watts. Guess what? I forgot to turn my power back to 5W. Only just realized! So can't enter under QRP section. Never mind. I did nowhere near as well as you but then I did only have about one hour free this morning! Managed to speak to Bas so that was my highlight. I did listen for you, but alas no. Have you got software to submit your log? If not, AA Test is free and very easy to use (once you get the hang of it!). It was recommended to me by the Russian QRP Club. Have a good rest. Put your feet up. Phew! 73 Adam

  4. Hi Paul, I forgot to say the log must be accepted before March 16. Then it takes a few weeks I think. Maybe in May we know the results. 73 Paul

  5. Hello Adam, 10 watt is in the category 'low power' I spend a lot of my time on 80 meter and it was pretty crowded there. I also worked Bas there with SSB. The most of the contacts, 98% are made with SSB. I made a few with CW. I use the software from the PACC contest site. It looks simple in use, so I will try that program. You can put in all the info afterwards. I made a paper log while contesting. Have a nice evening, 73 Paul

  6. Hallo Paul, ik hoorde laat op de avond inderdaad USA op 40m. VK niet gehoord, zag ze wel op het cluster gemeld. Heb VK wel gewerkt, maar op 20m. Vond 40m niet echt geweldig in de nacht. Ik heb geloof ik ook niet USA gewerkt op 40, zou het even moeten checken. Ik moet het log nog bekijken. Ik denk dat je het uitstekend gedaan hebt met QRP, een plaats in de top 10 zit er wel in. Bedankt voor je roepje op 80m goed voor 101 punten !!! Een verslag op mijn blog volgt later. 73, Bas

  7. I worked only 2 hours saturday and 1 hour sunday, only cw/20m. 57 PA stations, 11 counties. I didn't know that i only one category for QRP :-( ... ALL MODE, ALL BANDS, otherwise I would work also on 21MHz and 7Mhz, and also SSB.


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