Sunday, February 7, 2010

Obama would cancel Project Orion

President Obama has proposed to completely cancel NASA’s Project Constellation to send humans to the Moon, Mars and Beyond, thus calling into question whether US Leadership in Space will continue. Read more >>>


  1. I can't really say how much this upsets me. The advances in science made through the space program is only outweighed by the advances in science brought about through war. I know which I prefer. Tackling the problems of long term space flight will ultimately lead to such things as being able to tackle world hunger. I believe that we have wasted 40 years that should have seen bases on the Moon and Mars due to the short sightedness of previous US administrations. If the space program had continued at the pace it did when men first landed on the Moon I feel sure the world would be a better place and thousands who have died due to hunger and thirst would be alive due to same technology that would be needed to put manned bases on other planets. I now doubt my children will see in their lifetime what I expected to see in mine.

  2. Hello Steve, we have the knowledge and technique, but because the US administration will not spend money on this, we'll have to wait. While billions of dollars is spend on useless wars. 73 Paul


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