Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not too much time for working on HF, but I made two QSO's on 40 meter with PSK31 and 5 watt. I worked I1LEP (see photo) Luigi from Ivrea, Italy and LX2FC Claude from Differdange, Luxembourg. Now I have found how I can make a Cabrillo log for the PACC contest (thanks to PA3BTT Wally from Den Helder) Finally, I downloaded the PACC software from PB2GT web site, and I read the manual carefully, and now I understand. So next weekend will be my first contest. I can't belief it, after so many years of being a radio amateur.


  1. Don't give me the credits. Just go for it.
    I only got the SW20+. So no PACC for me. Maybe I'll pay our local clubstation ("de Bunker"/PI4ADH)a visit, they will likely participate in the contest.

  2. Hallo Wally,je hebt me anders aardig op weg geholpen. Ik had bijna de moed opgegeven om er achter te komen hoe een Cabrillo log gefabriceerd moet worden. 73 Paul


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