Monday, February 15, 2010

My Inverted V dipole

The antenna I use is rather simple. It's an inverted V dipole, 2x13 meter for 40 and 80 meter. I do not have more space for a longer antenna. I thought that it maybe good for 20 meter too. I tried once but the SWR was unacceptable. Now I tried again this weekend during the PACC contest, and yes, I had a good SWR with the ATU. Only a small part of the 20 meter band. It's good from 14.060 till 14.175 KHz. The best part, so I can work QRP on 14.060, and PSK on 14.070, and JT65A on 14.076, and RTTY on 14.080 and SSB from 125 - 175 KHz. What can I want more? The dipole is much more better then the Miracle Whip + 10 meter wire. Yesterday I heard a station from Norway with no S-meter reading with the MW+wire and FT817, but on the FT450 with the dipole I had a S5. So I am in no hurry to put up the vertical. 73 Paul


  1. The inverted V looks good. And, you can operate QRP cw on 14.060 plus your favorite digi modes. Continued good luck with the new wire. 73 Dick

  2. I am sold! You seem to be having some good success with the dipole.
    I think I might revisit putting up a dipole again. I don't have much space, though, so I need to plan carefully. My main antenna currently is a G7FEK, two element Marconi 1/4 wave. It does work will, and I have had some DX, but it can be a tad noisy at my QTH. Resonant on 80 and 40m, good tuner required for other bands, unless one adds tuned elements, but then it looks messy!

  3. I think the performance of the inv-V will be better then the vertical when you compare it on 20m. Time will tell. But for the 10/15m you will need the vertical. 73, Bas

  4. I don't know whether you are using a "bought one" or home made. I had a lot of joy with a dipole with open feederrs with a tuner. (Always use a tuner btw)
    Good luck

  5. The 15 metre band is pretty good now, and will be better in the future. Have you thought of home-brewing a half-wave 15 metre mono-band vertical. I would...if I could. 72 Dick

  6. If you replace the coax with open wire feeder, you'll be able to use that antenna on all bands, 10-80m, with much more efficiency than you currently have.

    Feedline loss will be only a fraction of what it is now.

    My antenna is similar to yours except that each leg is 21m long.

  7. Hi Dick, yes I have considered a dipole for 15 meter. I can place the dipole instead of the Miracle whip wire. Maybe I'll do that. 73 Paul

    Hi Andre, city QRM is often a problem for many of us. Some antennas seems to be quiet, such as the EH antenna. They don't pick up a lot of noise. 73 Paul

    Hi Bas, I think your right. Now I can work on 3 bands. When the weather improves, I raise the vertical. 73 Paul

    Hi Wally, this one is a Diamond W735 with coils for 80 meter. 73 Paul

    Hi John, Yes, you are right about that. Maybe I change the feedline for an open feedline one day. 73 Paul


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