Monday, February 8, 2010

Let the radio-virus infect you completely

Wow, the Solar Flux is 90! And Sunspot number is 51, it has been a very long time we had such a high number. Big sunspots are emerging on the surface of our sun. I hope it will hold for the PACC contest next weekend. So radio amateurs, don't waste your time reading or writing blogs, go for HF and make that fantastic QSO you're waiting for such a long time. Blow the dust from you microphone, hit the straight key, lets swing your paddles. Let the radio-virus infect you completely. Jump into the bands noise, search and find. The real connection is to find your fellow radio amateur somewhere on the HF waiting for your call... Maybe the forecast for a HF blackout can spoil the party.

BIG SUNSPOT: The sudden emergence of big sunspot 1045 over the weekend has caused a sharp uptick in solar activity. The active region has produced three M-class and almost a dozen C-class solar flares since it appeared on Saturday. The strongest blast, an M6-class eruption on Feb. 7th, may have hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras in the nights ahead as a result of this activity. Also, ham radio operators are picking up strong solar radio bursts using shortwave receivers. Sample sounds and images may be found at

At 10.00 o'clock UTC I heard calling PE4BAS, I was just taking my coffee, and was about calling Adam M6RDP. I didn't hear Adam but Bas was very strong 59+10db. Suddenly a strong QSB came up, so we lost each other. Signals were dropping into the noise. Bas was at home because he was not feeling well today. I worked on 20 meter EA3DUM Pere from Granollers, Spain with PSK31 and with 5 watt SSB GØUUT Elan from England. With CW I worked Z3ØV Zoran from Macedonia on 40 meter.


  1. Hi Paul, Loved the antenna slinger on the "Youtube" video! Great, cheap, way to launch your wire into the trees.

    As far as Obama and the space thing is concerned its a bit political I know, but personally I agree with him. The money is needed more on this planet! I have always thought space exploration should be privately funded.

    Glad your comments are back as your blog is cool and I like to leave feedback!

    Have a good day. 73 Adam (Great that you are doing the PACC contest - are you entering as QRP?)

  2. Good Advice Paul.

    The cycle is revving up just in time for my return. You can bet I'll be active.

    72/73 Dick

  3. Hello Adam, I saw more video's about putting up a wire antenna in trees on Youtube.

    About space travels: It's my wish to experience an another space trip to Mars or the Moon in my lifetime. But I understand that it takes a lot of money.

    I am in a sort of blog crises, and don't know what to do. I like more an simplified version but I don't wanna loose my radio pals on the Internet too.

    I am doing the PACC contest in the QRP section 5 watt or less. That's the challenge for me. 73 Paul

  4. Hello Dick, it is very promising. I can't wait for the vertical is up, and join the party on 20 - 15 - 10 meter. And 6 meter in the summertime. 73 Paul

  5. Sunspots! Hurray!

    Hi Paul,

    Now as long as there are no serious HF blackouts I would like to see a massive solar flare interrupt the 2012 Olympic games (as predicted) as I will be sick of it way before the darn thing starts. Thankfully it is in London, if Manchester had won this whole area would have been gridlocked for weeks.

    73 Steve GW7AAV

  6. Hello Steve: LOL and then think about the fact that December 21 2012 the world is going to be destroyed. 73 Paul


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