Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japan with WSPR

Finally I got Japan with WSPR. This morning on 20 meter. 7L4IOU from Tokyo. I also forced my ATU to tune 30 meter, 15 meter and 10 meter. I have an acceptable SWR on 10.106 QRP frequency, higher is not possible. I got a good SWR on the whole 15 meter band. And on 10 meter only the first 150 KHz. So I can work CW, PSK and WSPR on 10 meter now with the dipole. I was too careful with the MFJ automatic tuner 925. It made a lot of noise, so I thought 'maybe I damaged the tuner' but after a few seconds the antenna was tuned. I worked on 15 meter RN3ZHV Mike from Stary Oskol, Russia with 5 watt SSB. When the weather is really good I put up the vertical. No hurry is needed, because I can work on most of the HF bands with the dipole now. I did hear on 40 meter Adam M6RDP working with 2EØAYQ which I worked yesterday with 2 watt PSK31. Now is a PSK31 contest going on, and I don't like to participate in this contest. There are also PSK31 stations in the JT65A part of the band. And last weekend RTTY. So its impossible to do JT65A in the weekends. I like to work at weekdays, it's quieter then. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul


  1. Hi Paul,

    Nice job on Japan and hope your feeling better.
    Enjoy The Weekend,

  2. Well done on being RX in Japan. That's fantastic! 2E0AYQ, Martin was my first contact in days. He was very friendly chap and it was a nice QSO. As you probably heard, I am now planning to do the intermediate 50W license as some foundation license holders have apparently given amateur radio in the UK a bad name: lots of crude, CB-type operating that the RSGB are keen to stamp out. I think my license will remain, but it inspires me to move forwards! 73 Adam

  3. Hello Jim, thank you. I slowly recover from the virus. 73 Paul

    Hello Adam, and I received 7L4IOU also. It's funny but I recognize your voice immediately. But it was Martin's frequency, so I couldn't call you. I was further on the band searching for you but I couldn't find you. When you do have the new license you call sign change as well? And you go for more power too when it's allowed? Have a nice Sunday, 73 Paul


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