Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I started PSK-ing on 80 meter this morning and on 40 meter. I worked the following stations, all with 5 watt: DF4WQ Ernie from Sprendlingen, Germany; F5TTI Rene from Vermelles, France; both on 8o meter. On 40 meter: OK1HI Alois from Lisov, Czech Republic; MM3YUY Dave from Kilwinning, Scotland; DL9GR Harry from Leverkusen, Germany; OK1KM Karel from Kraslice, Czech Republic; PA2GP Geert from Tynaarlo, Netherlands. I could and this QSO properly because someone put a carrier on the frequency. On 20 meter with 5 watt CW: UT7UJ Dim from Kiev, Ukraine; and YT4ØE from Serbia.


  1. Morning Paul, Well done on the nice contacts. Beautiful day here this morning with sunshine and blue sky. But cold: 10C in the shack and -1C outside! I am off with Bradley for a walk to the bank to sort out this EBay mess that's ended up costing me a fortune! Oh well, it's only £.
    73 Adam

  2. Hello Adam, still winter here. I am photographing the birds in the garden. Yes, you're right about the money, but it's something you don't want to be involved in such a mess. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Adam and Paul, I haven't used e-Bay in years. I was tracking a K1 rig on e-Bay. Just for fun!! Granted it was "loaded" but ended up being sold for over $500. That is crazy! A NEW kit can be purchased and assembled by an Elecraft contracter for less money.

    Go figure.

    72 Dick


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