Friday, February 5, 2010

Here you see Bill MM3RTH from Stevenston North Ayrshire, Scotland. (Photo from I worked him with PSK31 on 40 meter. Other stations I worked with 5 watt PSK31 on 40 meter: DL5GBP Peter from Lauffen (Black Forrest) Germany; IK2YVA Giuseppe from Saltrio, Italy; DL3KOG Sigi from Wittenberg, Germany; DM1AOK Otto from Jena, Germany; and LA8FJ Per from Moss, Norway (Best distance today 844 km) Average distance 665 km. With Fldigi I set the program on repeat CQ-ing with an interval of 15 seconds (I become lazy) and when someone come back for me I turned it off. Makes it very easy. I have been reported by: F5RRS - SM6FMB - SA7AGE (911 KM) - SM7SJR - DF5FF - F1APY - F1JFR - IK1MTX - G7PAF. Have a nice day, 73 Paul

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