Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hand held antenna comparison

[Video is removed] A Hand held antenna comparison. A 5/8 quarter wave is the best for your hand held. I need one for next summer, to take it with me when I go biking or go with holidays. Today only contest stations on air, and I had to do a lot of other things, so the rig stays off.

This afternoon we get a storm, so this a a test to see if the dipole will not break. Both ends are connected to trees. I did place some elastic wires on both end. We'll see.


  1. Hallo Paul, het is hier nog windstil. Maar in het zuiden heeft het al gespookt hoorde ik op het nieuws. We zullen zien. 73, Bas

  2. Hello Paul...I've found a "pocket J-pole" to be the most simple and easy to use. (got to have a tree limb to hang the antenna). Although the 5/8 wave telescope is very effective, it's very EASY to break the connector on the HT. (especially when adapting the BNC connector) Been there and done that....

  3. Funnily enough I just ordered a 5/8 wave telescopic for an addition to my hand-held antenna collection. You may find it on eBay advertised as "Black Whip 45.5 inch Ham BNC 144MHz Telescopic Antenna" it is quite cheap and from Thailand, which is a novelty. When it arrives and I have had a chance to compare it you can be sure I'll write about it in my blog.

    John is right about the risk of breaking the SMA connector, especially if you use one like in the video. But if you get one like the HT Saver I got a few weeks ago which tightens down to the body of the radio (with an extra washer if necessary) then I think it will be OK as long as you aren't careless.

  4. Hello Paul,

    IU have been watchuing that strom track steadily Northeastwards. It was supposed to hit our coastline, but made no impact at all here in Devon. They said strom-force winds and heavy rain, but it simply passed us. Looks like it hit the UK counties of Hampshire and Dorset a bit more ferociously. We are in high pressure again now and it is glorious.

    Interersting vid on the antennas. I might look for a 5/8 wave for the marine band.

    73 and hope you enjoyed your time away from the radio!



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