Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally a sked with PE4BAS

I had a sked planned with Bas PE4BAS on 80 meter. We tried before but because of my poor antenna for 80 meter we were not successful. So first JT65A on 80 meter. It was very crowded on the frequency. I heard VE9DX and TF3HZ and a lot of European stations. The JT65-HF software is pretty cool to work with, thanks to W6CQZ! Well, I heard PE4BAS, only he did not copy me. So we decided to do PSK31 on 80 meter.

And yes, we made a qso, and first with 30 watt both sides. Our distance is 167 km, very very strong signals, so we lower our power output. Finally my output was 5 watt, but signals stayed very strong. Bas tried finally less than 1 watt and I could still copy him with good signals. See photo with less than 1 watt on the waterfall display. Isn't great? Long live QRP! (Sorry, the QSO was in Dutch)

(Click on photo to enlarge) I saw the planet Mars for several nights, so I decided to photograph the planet. The most bright spot is Mars. I just used my digital camera with a 480 mm lens. There were clouds in the sky and it was not totally clear, and to much city lights. I have no experience at all for photographing sky objects at night. For neat pictures you have to go to M6RDP and G4ILO.

So far only two QSO's today: a sked with M6RDP on 40 meter and a JT65A QSO 0n 20 meter with U1NZ from Petrozavodsk, Russia.


  1. Looks like a picture of my shack at night!

    The JT65-HF is really cool. But yesterday I was embarrassed because I was working a station and even though his signal was clear and I could see and hear it, the software did not decode his report to me.

    I don't know if it is a fault in the software, but the trouble with JT65 is decoding is an all or nothing affair. With PSK31 you may not get perfect copy but you can often work out what was sent from what you do get so you don't have to ask for a repeat.

    Have you noticed seeing a clear signal and not being decoded, or is it just me? The timing of the transmissions was correct.

  2. Hi Paul, it was a really great sked on 80m. And you're absolutely right about QRP. If the propagation is good who needs power? We proved it , QRP rules. Anyway, the JT65 freq. was very busy at that time. I noticed that your signal was blocked by 3 different stations around that frequency. Non of them where decoded here. I think that is a big disadvantage of the JT65 mode, because you're working in time slots it's not always possible to see if there is another QSO in the same time slot at the same moment.

    Julian, it seems to be JT65-HF has a few bugs. One of them is a low signal report of very strong signals. If decodes are not good the programmer suggest this: For those running JT65-HF and finding it to not decode well or be received well please look at setup window and try disabling the check box for Automatic Sample Rate correction.

    Paul, I see from you screendump you're still working with V1.0.0. Newest version is V1.0.2 which has also a possebility to connect with the RB network which is not closing so far.

    73 and till our next sked.


  3. Hello Julian, when I read the postings at JT65-HF Google Groups then I realize that nothing is perfect. I noticed some strange things, maybe a bug in the program.

    Hello Bas, I can't find the new version. I was looking on the web site of W4CQZ but I can't find it there either. Do you have it? Indeed, when there is a lot of traffic on the small part of the JT65 band, QSO will be difficult. 73 Paul

  4. Hallo Paul, de call is W6CQZ (Oeps ik was ook abuis, heb 1 en ander al veranderd in mijn blog), als je inlogt op staat op de eerste pagina gelijk de nieuwste versie. 73 Bas

  5. Oei, alweer fout. Het zit me niet mee vandaag. W4CQZ = W6CQZ. 73, Bas

  6. Hallo Bas, ja ik heb het gevonden, bedankt. En meteen geinstalleerd. 73 Paul

  7. Hello Paul, Great to see Mars in the sky. I see Saturn will be up above the horizon in the eastern sky around 21H this month so I am very excited about trying it with my new scope. Don't the clouds look great in your photo! Good to talk to you on 40M this morning: sorry if I sign off too quickly - after a few overs I run out of things to say! Poor social skills!!!!

  8. Hello Adam, I am no rag chew amateur either. I make always short qso's, never mind. We exchange the S report and band conditions, weather and what comes up... or not. ;-) It's OK Adam. See you around. 73 Paul

  9. Hello Paul and Adam, I like both ways of conversation via radio. But sometimes there is nothing to tell. Sometimes you like the operator you're talking to and rag chew for over a hour. Things could be surpising. My rag chew record is about 7 hours including 2 games of chess via radio :-) Won both games by the way, think the other op. was a little tired...73, Bas


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