Thursday, February 11, 2010

DX with JT65A

I was taking pictures of some birds in the garden. After a while I thought, lets see if there is something on 20 meter JT65A. There was a lot of activity. I gave a CQ and UAØAET came back for me. I get a -10db report. I was working with 5 watt. Distance 5335 km (3315 miles) Not bad at all. With WSPR DX on 30 meter was reported by KB3VR (6160km) and W3CSW.

One of the pictures I took from the birds.


  1. Great picture of the blackbird. Interesting that you appear to have gone back to WSJT instead of JT65-HF.

  2. Hello Paul,

    That bird picture is absolutely beautiful. Very well done. I would be enormously proud of a picture like that. Afraid I don't know very much at all about birds so haven't a clue as to what breed it is, but it is, as I say, beautiful. What equipment did you use to take it? Well done also on the 3,000mile+ contact to UA0. Very impressive contact.

    Keep up the photography as I, for one, find it very interesting to see these stunning photos on the blogs.

    Saturn is just above the eastern horizon here by 2200 UTC but I haven't seen it yet as it is not high enough to see from my QTH. I might pop out for a late night walk one of these evenings and see if I can see it with the naked eye.

    73, Adam

  3. Hello Julian, I read that there were decoding problems with JT65-HF. Distortion at the end of the band. PE4BAS had that problem too when had a sked on 80 meter. So I thought I gonna use WSJT again. The problem with JT65-HF is that I can't see what I am transmitting. I have more control with WSJT7.

  4. Hello Adam, I use a Panasonic Digital camera FZ38. I tried moon pictures too and other night views. But I was not so successful as you do. You can find more photo's on my family blog
    So now and then I will place a radio off topic picture here. I am very curious if you can photograph Saturn with your equipment. In the early days I could see Saturn with the naked eye, but weak. With binoculars you can spot Saturn very good. 73 Paul

  5. Hallo Paul, mooie scherpe foto. Ik zat me eigenlijk af te vragen wat voor een vogel het nou eigenlijk is. Ik dacht een lijster? Stom he, een koolmees, pimpelmees, roodborstje, winterkoninkje en een huismus herken je zo. Leuke familie blog overigens. Vooral de familienamen link is zeer interessant. Ben verder nog niet aktief geweest of JT65. Ik zag dat er alweer een nieuwe versie van JT65-HF uit was. Ik denk dat het een mooie mode is voor DX met weinig vermogen als er niet teveel stations tegelijkertijd op de freq. zitten. Na de PACC misschien maar weer eens proberen. 73, Bas


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