Friday, February 12, 2010

Dutch 80 meter net

This morning I have been notified for the Dutch 80 meter net on 3692 KHz. (Between 8.00 - 9.00 UTC) Net control by PAØA Albert. This is the first time I took part of this net. I wonder if they could hear me with 5 watt QRP. Even for local work on 80 meter I keep using 5 watt and I am not been tempted to use QRO. Hi. But they all could copy me with signals between 57-59. Other stations on the net: PAØAM Cor; PAØVYL Cor; PAØHTT Henk; en PAØLCE Louis. Thanks guys, for the nice chat on 80 meter.

With PSK31 I worked on 40 meter F5TFI Rene from Wittenheim, France and F1JFR Daniel from Strasbourg, France. With JT65A on 20 meter I worked EU6AF -13 db.


  1. Great that your QRP was perfectly understood on the 80M net. Your example may influence other members to turn down their power. 73 Dick

  2. I am impressed with your results using 5 watts! I seem to have had problems on our clubs local net on 40 and 80m when I was at 5 watts SSB, even though most members are only a few miles away. Some woudl complain that had trouble hearing me through the noise. However, with the same set up, I worked a Dutch station on 40m and he gave me 58/59 with my 5 watts!
    These days I am embarrassed to say that I often go QRO ...
    As Dick says, you are a good example to follow by sticking to only using the power you need.

    73 Andre'

  3. Hello Dick and Andre, I will show that it is possible to work QRP on every band. Theoretical the difference between 5 watt and 100 watt is only 12 db or 2 S-points. So when QRO stations are 59++ here then they should hear me. And they do. When I had the new rig I thought maybe I use 10 watt. But it is not necessary. I stick to my 5 watt, that's OK with me. 73 Paul


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