Monday, February 15, 2010

Cabrillo Log is ready

I worked today RA9MP Yuri on 20 meter with CW. Distance 4350 km (2703 miles) and YU1LM/QRP at 14.060 KHz with CW, a nice 2-way QRP QSO. Both with 5 watt. I made a Cabrillo log (PACC contest) Yes, I finally succeeded to make one. I think that the results will be known at the end of June. I realized that is is possible to work all provinces with 5 watt QRP on 80 meter, so why a overkill of power?


  1. Hi Paul,

    RA9 was a nice catch. Not at all bad for 5W. Yes, the cabrillo header is a bit mesmerizing if you've not used it before isn't it. I got the contest name wrong and my log came back with "fatal errors"! Renamed it correctly and all was well! Bye for now. Bet Lily is growing bigger isn't she? 73 Adam

  2. Nice to read what you work with 5 watts. JT65A, sounds interesting as well.

  3. Hello Adam, I read the instructions carefully, I hope I did nothing wrong. Yes, Lily is growing and the education goes wonderful. Next summer we go for holidays to Germany (Black Forrest) and we take Lily with us. Have a nice day, 73 Paul

    Hallo Tjeerd, You can do a lot with 5 watt. JT65A is one of the digi modes I try out. Making a qso is a bit cumbersome, I prefer PSK more. 73 Paul


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