Sunday, February 21, 2010

ARRL int. DX Contest

My parents in law were visiting us today, after they were gone I checked 15 meter for CW contest activity. I read the good news that Roger G3XBM made a few contacts yesterday over the big pond with 5 watt. So I thought: I must check 15 meter today. I was running only 5 watt QRP. I worked the following stations: NR5M George from Houston, TX; W1GD Gerald from Wall, NJ; W1HQ contest station from Newington, CT - he replied with FB QRP TU. K1TR Edward from Windham, NH; VX3AT Ron van der Kraats (a very Dutch name) from Islington, Ontario. (New DXCC, because I never worked Canada before!) WO4O Richard from Ridgetop, TN; WE3C John from Fleetwood, PA; W6XR Natan from Freeville, NY; N5PO Marion from Weatherford, TX; W2FU Jeffrey from Webster, NY; W3LPL Francis from Glenwood, MD; W1WEF Jack from Glastonbury, CT; AA1K Jon from Felton, DE; K3LR Timothy from West Middlesex, PA; K1IM Thomas from Union, CT and on 20 meter: KB1H Richard from East Killingly, CT USA. It was great to work so easy with the USA with only 5 watt CW on 15 meter. Wow.


  1. Well done Paul, Excellent QRP contacts.
    Just goes to show me that I must continue to try to re-learn my CW skills!

    73 De Kevin

  2. Wow Paul. That's truly fantastic! I am well impressed! That is incredibly exciting. New DXCC with Canada too. Well done. That's a nice afternoon's radio work! 73 Adam

  3. Congrats Paul for the good job with those 5watts and the teriblle QRM.
    I also worked some guys from USA ... saturday 0.00 UTC till sunday morning, than i made QRT. about 670 qso's on 80, 40, 20 and 15 meters. But i was "KW" this time, because this contest was kind of long needed hardcore training for me after many years of ham radio silence;
    Adrian, YO5PBG (/QRP - usualy)

  4. That's very impressive, Paul, on 5W. I had intended to work as many US stations as I could, but my XYL received some bad news during the Saturday afternoon so I had to stop, and I couldn't raise the enthusiasm to get back into it after that.

  5. Very good Paul - that is superb on 5w, I bet you are very pleased indeed - I would be, I will be on the bands during tomorrow.

    Good Luck - 73 Peter

  6. Fantastic contacts across the pond! Can only work 40 and 20 but sounds like it's time for a good 15 meter antenna. Keep up the great QRP work!

    John N8ZYA

  7. Wow, Great job. I heard on 20 meter yesterday evening a lot of US stations shouting CQ CQ. But it was too crowdy to get a single contact with my 2 watt's.
    72 de Wally PA3BTT


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