Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A very lively 40 meter

Did everybody take a day off? So many amateurs on the band, just on a Wednesday morning. I heard a very lively 40 meter band. The weekend had started earlier? I started calling CQ with PSK31 (with 5 watt) and had a few QSO's. 2EØWJC/QRP (see photo) Billy from Pudsey, England he was running 5 watt. F4ARB/QRP Jean-Pierre from Lys-Lez-Lannoy, France; DK1IO Reinhard from Neustadt, Germany; F4GBW Mickael from Roubaix, France; DB3PR Reinhard from Mainz, Germany; and F1UMO Jean-Pierre from Wasquehal, France.


  1. Hallo Paul, het zou best is kunnen zijn dat de nieuwe zonnevlekken periode nu echt aangebroken is. Of....dat de lente in aantocht is. Laten we het hopen...73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, ik hoop beide. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul, I was listening on 40m this afternoon for a while, mostly inter G, then 2 stations I was listening to started mentioning QSB and said 73's as they were losing each other,(I could hear the both no problem), one was in Huddersfield the other in Essex, then the one called CQ and the propogation shifted east towards Holland, Norway and he was working that direction, very interesting.

    I have my FL exam on th 8th March so hopefully will be able to work you as I know Adam has 'made the trip' !

    73 Paul.

  4. Hi Paul, there was a lot of short skip activity. That makes 40 meter such a nice band to work. Good luck with your exam on March 8. I am looking forward to work you then. 73 Paul

  5. Many thanks my friend for this nice QSO in BPSK31

    best 73 and hope to meet you again on frequency

    F4GBW Mickael


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