Saturday, January 30, 2010

WSPR on 40 and snow again

For a long ago I was WSPR-ing again, but now with my FT450 and 5 watts and the dipole. Wow, I never had so much reporting stations in one cycle. I had two new US states: KE7A from Texas and KB4RG from Georgia. Now I have 11 US states with WSPR. Also on 40 meter: VK4YEH 16190 km and ZL2RX 18.490 km.

Oh no, snow again. I am really fed up with all that mess. Please let it be spring! I need warmer temperatures, sunshine, and flowers.

Just a little fun with photoshop. I put a new shack photo on Yesterday I worked Adam M6RDP with our daily sked on 7185 KHz. One hour before I heard a VK3 station working with 53 here. Also worked GMØHTT Alan from Orkney Islands, a 2xQRP QSO. (10W); DL/OD5LN Naim from Garmich, Germany, DJ3HJ Rudi from Breisach, Germany. I wish you all a nice weekend. 73 Paul


  1. Nice going with your recent efforts. I'm no expert, but I suspect it is the antenna and not the same 5 watts from another rig that accounts for your FB results. As they say, antenna is everything! Put the old 5 watts back on line and see what happens.

    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, the old FT817 works fine, a nice little rig. I use it now for 2 meter, stand by for the local repeater here. Certainly I will use the FT817 for holidays to take it with me. Together with the Miracle Whip and the straight key. Or portable use. Yeah, it's the antenna that counts. I am very satisfied with the dipole.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Does it ever stop snowing over your place?
    The WSPR stuff looks pretty cool.

    The 817 is going for $599.00 USD, would love to pick one up for the outdoors. Just have to find some $$.

    Have A Nice Weekend!

  4. Hallo Paul, I love the shack photo and will check out QRZ now. BTW who lives in the little rabbit hutch in the garden? Didn't know about Mars being at its closest for years, but heard Saturn makes a great picture at the moment. 73 and good weekend, Adam

  5. Hello Jim, we haven't got so much snow in 25 years. Normally we have soft winters without snow really. The FT817 is a great little devil and it's worth the money.

    Hello Adam, the rabbit hutch was meant for our rabbit as a winter hutch, but now the rabbit is in the living while it's winter. See our family blog. Mars is real close this year. I will try make photos of it. Maybe I will try also mine binoculars which I use for birdwatching, like you do. 73 Paul

  6. Hello Paul:

    I notice you have the FT450 - I am about to buy a new box and this is on my shopping list - I wondered what you think of it, I have seen a demonstration and it seems to have quite good DSP filtering especially as I mainly will use it for CW - I am also considering the next one up which I (think) has a more sensitive reciever (FT950) not really sure yet , interested for your comments.

    Thanks 73 Peter G4NKX

  7. Hello Peter, it's also a matter what is your budget and what can you afford? For me was my budget limited so I must choose between the IC-718 or the FT-450. I would like to have the IC-703 but unfortunately, not available anymore. Finally I had bought the FT-450 because of the wonderful DSP and narrow CW filter of 500 Hz. 73 Paul

  8. Ok Paul thanks for your answer - I understand about "Budget", I have always had to budget for new equipment here but am in a position where I can buy some of the things I could not years ago.
    The FT450 has an appeal - has very good reports - And I like the look, it is still on my short list though - I am wondering if it really is worth paying that "extra" for the 950 - I am still thinking about it.

    Regards de Peter G4NKX

  9. Hello Peter, sure the FT950 is a fine machine. Looks great and has a lot extras. Such as a CW message memory and an automatic auto-tuner. Good luck, 73 Paul


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