Sunday, January 10, 2010


Last night I worked OE5OHO Oliver from Linz, Austria on 40 meter. With CW, I was using 2,5 watt. We had worked before on November 29th 2009. I was WSPR-ing on 160 meter with no results. I did hear only SM6BHZ (also on 500 KHz) and G4BOO and G8JNJ. The winter is still going on. Snow and windy at the moment. Yesterday I fell with my bike because it was very slippery. I can almost skate on the roads. Today my son has a indoor soccer tournament, so no radio today. Have a nice Sunday.


  1. Great CW contact to Austria. Like the look of Oliver's shack. I would like to know CW but I am put off by the idfea of learning it as I find it difficult. I admire Kevin for giving it a try this year. Be careful on the icy roads, Paul. They are treacherous over here and you have to walk extremely carefully. As I write the snow is falling heavily yet again. I love it myself, but then I don't have to go out and drive in it! Maybe catch you on 7185 tomorrow morning.... 73 Adam

  2. Want to learn Morse? Take a look at the program Morse Machine.

  3. Anonymous1/11/2010

    Well Paul, about the propagation. I worked K2VV yesterdag with my SW20+ and the End Fed Zepp..Looking at his picture of his antennafarm though. I give him all the credits for having this QSO. But it's still possible with just 2 watts....73 Wally/PA3BTT

  4. Nice job on CW contact.

    Might have to put on ice skates for the ice.


  5. Hello Adam, Every dat a half hour CW and you can do it in a year, about 12 wpm. But you have to like it, and when you don't and when the motivation isn't there, it would be difficult. PSK31 is a good alternative for CW in a way. This morning I didn't hear you, there was a loud German station on the frequency. But one day...

    hello Julian: there is enough software to learn CW. But to do it on your own is difficult, just like learning another language. You have to it with someone else or a group.

    Hello Wally, you are very lucky! I must listen more on 20 meter. What time did you work him?

    Hello Jim, yeah, that's a good idea. The roads are still very icy over here.

    All 73 Paul

  6. Anonymous1/11/2010

    Hi Paul,
    I worked K2VV at 1435 UTC. I heard him working with a Yugoslavian stn. And as soon as he gave SK, I jumped in..(This is also called "tail ending"), and it worked and we had a solid QSO. My sigs where 559, and for me it is a very nice report..

    73 de Wally/PA3BTT

  7. Hoi Wally, hartstikke mooi. Dan moet het bij hem vroeg in de morgen zijn geweest. 73 Paul


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