Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuning a bridge and a puppy

Conditions are a bit poor, I could hear Adam M6RDP on 40 meter but very difficult. In the peak 53. I had a high noise level and QSB. A half an hour later I worked LA4UOA/P Torgeir from Mandal, Norway which was tuning up a bridge as an antenna. (On photo his shack) He was running 100 watt, and used an Icom tuner. I never heard something like that before. But in principle we can tune anything what radiates. With CW I worked UT1HX Nick from Poltava, Ukraine on 20 meter this afternoon.

The pressure was high, my daughter wanted a new dog so much since a few years ago our two dogs died within three months. My son and YL wanted also a dog companion. Three against one. I couldn't hold the pressure so now we have a new dog. On photo the new puppy with my daughter. Aren't they lovely? (Click on photo too enlarge).


  1. Hallo Paul, ik heb om 10:18 UTC nog even geluisterd via een webSDR op 7.185 maar ontving alleen maar ruis. Over het hele spectrum zag ik ook maar hooguit 5 stations op dat moment. Probeer morgen wel weer te luisteren op het QRL als de omstandigheden het toelaten ;-). 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, er was idd vanmorgen weinig te horen op 40 meter. Morgen maar weer proberen. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Paul,

    That sure is one cute little pup!

    What is his name? And what breed is he?

    Amazing tuning up a bridge! I would never have believed it!

    Yeah, your signal was the best it's ever been received at this QTH: solid 53 and not a hint of QSB. How strange that the opposite direction was so different.

    73 for now, Adam

  4. Hello Adam, It's a she... her name is Lily. It's a boomer, a intersection between two purebred dogs, but I don't know the names. As soon as I know I tell you. Maybe I hear you tomorrow. 73 Paul

  5. Well Lily is adorable and sorry for getting her gender wrong! Nice to chat to you this morning. I hope one day to chat with a 59 signal both ways! But then we wouldn't be QRP I suppose!

  6. Hello Adam, never mind, it's hard to see ;-)
    When the sunspots are back in a few years then our QRP signals will be as loud as QRO. 73 paul


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