Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slow down... HF blackouts expected

More sun activity would be fine, but this is too much. Though sunspot number today is Ø, behind the visible side of the sun there are super flares. The Sun has awaken, five M-class flares have been detected in the last 24 hours. The largest one was an M2.3 flare with peak at 13:41 UT on January 19. They are all coming from NOAA AR 11041 (old 11039, Catania 37). More M flares are likely. Geomagnetic activity is quiet but can turn to unsettled levels. Isolated active levels are possible, due to the arrival of the fast solar wind from a coronal hole. HF blackouts are possible, maybe tomorrow. Now the weather here is a little bit better without snow, the forecast says winter will be back next week. Temperatures will drop dramatically and we will have minus 4 at day time. So I took advantage and made preparations for the 80-40 meter dipole to raise. I hope to finish the job tomorrow, when nothing goes wrong, but when I don't hear nothing... it could be a HF blackout. Wish me luck.


  1. Hi Paul, if needed to test the dipole we can arrange a sked to test on 80m tommorow evening. 73, Bas

  2. I remember well when flares knocked out HF for days at a time. But, sure beats an inactive sun with poor propagation for months at a time.
    Good luck raising your antenna.

    72/73 Dick

  3. @Hello Bas, I have to find out where the dipole is resonant. I hope it will be successful today. I let you know by email for arranging a sked on 80 meter. 73 Paul

    @Hello Dick, I can remember those blackouts which happens many years ago. Total silence on HF. Very strange phenomenon. 73 Paul

  4. Volgens mij komen die HF blackouts alleen voor in het zonnevlekken maximum. Ik kan mij ze nog goed herinneren op 11 Mtr. Soms wel 2-3 dagen zonder condities, daarna sprak je gewoon weer elke dag met Australië en Nieuw Zeeland. De condities in het voorjaar zijn vaak zo ie zo niet denderend.
    73, Bas

  5. @Hallo Bas: als er flares zijn op de zon dan kunnen we een HF blackout krijgen, daar wordt ook voor gewaarschuwd. Ook als er weinig zonnevlekken zijn. Wachten is nu op de zomer! 73 Paul


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