Sunday, January 17, 2010

Russia on 80 meter

We came home this evening very late and I thought, maybe I can work some stations. The HA contest is going on. On an abandoned 40 meter I heard CT2JGD, and yes, he did hear me! Then I switched to 80 meter, it was very crowded there. I tried to call UA3MIF from Rybinsk, and he also came back for me. That's for me a new DXCC for 80 meter with my 5 watts SSB. Distance 2200 km / 1370 miles. I am very happy. I also worked SK7OA from Skurup, Sweden on 40 meter.


  1. Hallo Paul, weer een mooie DXCC erbij. Dat zijn toch leuke afstanden. Ik neem aan dat je CW werkte. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, nee, met SSB. Dus dat maakt eigenlijk leuker.

  3. Hello Paul,

    I thought how quiet 40M has been in the evenings of the weekend. So they are all on 80M! Well done with the Russian contact. I have always had very poor DX performance on 80M. This winter, as 40M is dead in the evenings, I have had no evenin QSO at all which is very sad. I am looking forward to the longer nights when 40M stays open longer.

    Hope you had a good weekend. 73 Adam

  4. Hello Adam, indeed 40 meter is in the evenings very disappointing. I don't why 40 meter is closing down so early. That's why I want a better antenna for 80 meters. That is the best band for evening-night and early morning. And 160 meter of course. The weekend was fine, a sister of the YL was having her birthday. And we bought a new dog. See our family blog. Really lovely. We can get her next Friday. 73 Paul


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