Thursday, January 14, 2010

QRP net

In the early morning I worked IKØFNH Giuseppe from Roma, Italy on 40 meter (CW), at 10 o'clock UTC I tuned in on 7185 KHz for our new QRP net on 40 meter. There is an active QRP frequency for CW at 7030 KHz. But for SSB there is not really something available. 7090 KHz should be a calling frequency for SSB but the frequency is always occupied by QRO stations or there is no QRP activity. First I did hear Adam M6RDP on frequency. Not that loud as Tuesday but most of the time I could copy his signal very well. A few minutes later Julian G4ILO joined us. I was happy to work Julian because we have contact via Internet, but not on air. He was with 50 watt and his Magnetic Loop in the peak 59+ but unfortunately we all had a strong QSB on the signals. /// I made this film this morning, a Mavis in the front garden. It's a bit too bright because of the snow. I had to consider this next time. /// Tonight I worked YO3YX from Bucuresti, Romania on 40 meter (PSK63)


  1. It was good to contact you on the radio for the first time, Paul. I hope we can do it again when conditions are better.

  2. Likewise, Paul. It was nice to catch you for the second day running. I love the video by the way. What did you shoot it with? Bye for now, Adam

  3. Hello Julian and Adam, I was nice to work you both on 40 meter. The video is made with a Panasonic Lumix FZ38. It made wonderful video's HD quality and photos too. It has a 18x zoom lens, equivalent with a 480 mm lens. 73 Paul

  4. I was listening for you guys yesterday (Wednesday) but all I could hear on 7.185 was another net. I will try again later. Hoping to be able to work all of you soon!


    Mads, LA1TPA

  5. Hello Mads, 7185 is a favorite frequency. ;-) Sometimes others are QRV at this frequency. So we move sometimes 5 KHz up or down. Hope to hear you soon. 73 Paul


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