Saturday, January 23, 2010

QRP 10 watts

I just had some time for a few QSO's. On photo RA3DUO which I worked on 40 meter CW with 10 watt QRP, distance 2164 km. Boris from Korolev, Russia. Also worked YU5AF on 40 meter CW, it was a special event station 40 years anniversary from the YT-YU CW club. Also worked MMØDRG/M he was working from the Braehead Moss National Nature Reserve. There was a big pile up for him. I just called one time with 10 watts SSB and he copy me. OK, the new dipole works.


  1. Those are the good ones! Really makes your day when using a simple station. Great Job!

  2. Glad the dipole and 450 are working well. I find a big difference between my 817 on 5W and the 703 on 10W with speech compressor on. Good luck with getting your logs from excel to adif. 73 Adam

  3. By the way Paul, I forgot to say how much I liked your video of the 450. It does indeed look even better than the advertisement pictures. It is a rig I almost bought myself before decidingon the 703. I like the high-tech features it has. Also gives you a lovely signal into my QTH from Heiloo on 10W, 50W and 100W.

    Perhaps one day we could have a REALLY ZOOMED IN shot of the front when it is switched on. That I would like to see. 73 for now, Adam


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