Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My pride and joy

My daughter Anna with Lily, our new puppy. The puppy is lovely but she kept me from relax working with the rig. She never leaves my side. And because she is still unclean, I have to remove surprises she left for me. Tonight she slept well, and alone in the living without howling. So it's already getting better. /// This morning I had a nice QSO with Adam M6RDP. Signals up to S9. /// The weather: it's cold and at the moment it is minus 9 C. They expect more snow tomorrow. :-( /// Hamcall .net exceeded their limit, so is off line.
QRP QSO's on 40 meter: IK3GER (CW) - G4UDO (CW) - OK1WF (CW).
PSK31 QSO'S on 40 meter: DL3HXX - RX4CD - RN4HEP - SP8LXE - US5QGL.


  1. Dogs are great! She will be paper-trained soon. I read that an old alarm clock wrapped in a blanket, with a loud tic-tic is comforting to a puppy. The tic-tic mimics the mom's heart-beat.

    Enjoy the new lady in the house. She will soon be the boss.

    72/73 Dick

  2. Hello Dick, that's a good hint. But do I have an old alarm clock somewhere in the house?

  3. Hello Paul,

    She looks a lovely puppy. I had a puppy crate for Bradley when he was little. He slept in there all night without any bother. Also it mimics the cave/den a dog would have in the wild and they like it in there and, more importantly, do not go to the toilet inside the crate. He loved it and was sad when I dismantled it as he got older! Nice to talk to you this morning. Hope it warms up soon! 73 Adam


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