Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Help to Haiti

Tonight I worked HF12HAITI on 80 meter with CW. From their QRZ.com web site: The tragic news about Haiti reached every part of the globe. We all have seen the terrifying destruction reports on TV, heard on the radio, read on the Internet. It is evident that this country needs an immediate assistance. We are appealing to amateur radio operators all over the world for their support. The special event stations (3Z12HAITI and HF12HAITI) are intended to draw attention of the amateur radio community in Poland and abroad to the urgent needs of this country. Check out http://helptohaiti.eu that contains aid organizations (i.e. UNICEF, Red Cross) bank account numbers. Every donation counts, no matter how small.
This QSO with HF12HAITI was my QSO number 1000 since I started in August 2008 after many years of QRT. That makes this QSO very special.


  1. You have been busy on the bands! Well done. I wish I had the time to make that many QSO.

    I have been monitoring the Hiati situation on the IRESC ECHOLINK conference. It can be slow, but sometimes it can be interesting. I can't receive the HF nets from that region directly. Too much local QRM.

  2. @hello Andre: I am very happy with all the time I can spend to ham radio. (Retired) Propagations for that earea is very difficult.


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