Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sometimes we must be patient for good things to come. This morning I was busy with my computer and suddenly I heard M6RDP Adam calling on 7185 KHz and very strong (59) of course I was very surprised to hear him so loud. Unfortunately, the signal was going up and down (QSB) but we could make a normal, and very pleasant QSO. We tried last summer, but signals were too weak for making a good qso. I was very happy that we were successful now. We mentioned a QRP net for every weekday around 7185 KHz. That would be nice and other people can join us to see if it's possible to work each other, from 10 till 11 o'clock UTC. This morning I also worked (ssb) on 40 meter DM3ML Eike from Dresden, we spoke Dutch, because Eike speaks very good Dutch. It was a very nice QSO. And I was working OK1AQW Zdenek from Zamberka, Czech Republic. We worked before in 2008, December 12, also on 40 meter. (with my previous call sign PA9B) On 20 meter I worked YT4ØE with CW this afternoon.


  1. I would love to try and join your QRP Net sometime. Sadly, I am still a "wage slave", so I hope to have a day working from home, then I could try during a tea break :-)

  2. Hello Andre, of course when you are able to join the group, it would be fine. I am very lucky to be retired and have time enough for the radio hobby. I enjoy it every day. 73 Paul

  3. Hoi Paul, mooi dat het eindelijk gelukt is. Toch wel bijzonder 2 QRP stations met kleine antenne's en dan met signalen van S9. Net als Andre heb ik door de week geen tijd, zelfs 's avonds schiet het er meestal bij in. Misschien als ik een dag vrij ben ga ik het eens beluisteren. Het gaat nog zeker 25 jaar duren voordat ik met pensioen mag :-(

    73, Bas


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