Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally 1 QSO

Today again it was hard to make a QSO, I tried 40 and 20 meter, but they didn't hear me at all. Finally on 20 meter I came across RA3FO Nick from Dmitrov, Russia on PSK31. We had worked before. Meanwhile, I made a plan for another antenna, which I will put up next summer, a trap wire dipole for 40 and 80 meters. It's an ECO antenna. An Italian manufacturer. It's only 20 meters long and this is an ideal length for my garden.


  1. A horizontal antenne must be > 1/2 wavelength above the ground. Which is very difficult on 40/80m.
    It is very easy to make a vertical for 40/80:
    a flexpole (DXwire) with 1/4 wl taped on the pole, and 4 radials.
    40m will fit on a 12m pole, the 80m must be finished as inv. L.
    The radiation will be much lower than with a dipole which is to low. And with lower angle of radiation, longer DX can be made (less hops.)

  2. The new dipole for 40M and 80M sounds great. Will it work on 20M too? My Par antenna is barely 6 meters off the ground at the highest point of the slope and has given me outstanding results. I just had an encouraging comment from Mads:-

    "Even when the sunspots are missing you can work some really good DX every now and then. I worked USA, Brazil, Japan and South Korea during last autumn with no sunspots at all. All of them with SSB, just 5w and low wire antennas. You can do it to, you know!"

    Anyway, I wish you success with your plans to upgrade the antenna system.

    73 Adam

  3. Paul, I have just found the ECO website and read about the 20 meter long trap dipole for 40M and 80M.

    Are you sure you wouldn't prefer to try a Par End Fedz. I have the extra long 66' (or 20 meter) version and it covers 40M, 20M, 15M and 10M. However unlike the high power handling capabilities of the ECO the Par End Fedz multi-band is only QRP.

    I don't know about the cost, but the Par was about £70 UK Pounds including all the customs and postage charges.

    Anyway, that's enough rambling from me for one night! 73 Adam

  4. Hello Aart, yes, I know, but I do have a vertical (not yet in use because of frost and cold weather) for 80-10 meter. But I think 40 and 80 will be difficult, perhaps with the use of an antenna tuner, so I want a wire antenna for 40 and 80 meter. With a small garden it's always compromising what to do. ;-) Thanks for your advice. 73 Paul

    Hello Adam, because the Par antenna is end fed, it will be difficult for me. A dipole is for me much more better. 10 meter one side and 10 meter to the back of the garden. And if needed I will perhaps use higher power on 80 meter. I don't know the price of the ECO antenna. But there is enough choice on the market. So it can be another brand. A single element rotary dipole for 80 or 40 meter is also an option. 73 Paul

  5. Evening again,

    Ah, I see. I thought the trap dipole was INSTEAD of the vertical. So you would use the dipole for 40M and 80M and the vertical for low angle DX. Brilliant set up. My garden is very long and narrow so the End Fedz was perfect for here, but not so good for your garden.

    I will listen at 10.00UT weekedays on 7185.

    Bye for now, Adam

    PS I miss the windmills - they were lovely! But I prefer the black on the sides. I have come to associate that look with your blog.

  6. @Adam: yes, I think the vertical will not perform optimal for the lower bands. But first I have to try it, it will be February before I can put up the vertical. I must be patient. This morning there it was very busy around 7185 KHz. Loud German and Italian stations. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul

  7. Hallo Paul, toevallig was ik ziek thuis en heb ook nog geluisterd op 7185, helaas was de freq. bezet. Heb nog wel 5x cq geroepen op 7188 maar kreeg niets terug. Sluit DX op 80m niet helemaal uit met de nieuwe vertical, ik werkte ook diverse malen USA en Canada op mijn (ex) GP met 1:9 balun. Op de loop gaat het natuurlijk wel veel beter. Jammer dat het weer niet mee zit. De antenne monteren zit er eerst niet in. Ben hier af en toe nog aan het knoeien met JT65A, vind het erg moeilijk, maar heb gisteren na veel proberen zowel nog een QSO gemaakt. Ik zie wel van alles, maar vergeet nog wel eens de TX freq. bij te stellen en dan kun je het gewoon vergeten. Het is een bepaalde volgorde die je aan moet houden heb ik wel door, maar het is erg gecompliceerd. 73, Bas

  8. Hallo Bas, ik hoop dat je weer een beetje opgeknapt bent. Ja, ik heb wel meer gehoord dat amateurs met een breedband vertical toch wel kunnen werken op 80 meter, wel is waarschijnlijk een antenne tuner noodzakelijk en die heb ik, dus. Ja, die 65A is best wel lastig. Ik heb nu zo'n beetje ontdekt wat de volgorde moet zijn. Ze sturen ook de ontvangst sterkte mee door b.v. R-6(db) mee te sturen. Synchronisatie van je PC klok is ook noodzakelijk. Ik heb daar nu een programmaatje voor wat het automatisch doet. 73 Paul


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