Friday, January 22, 2010

Dipole W735

I put up the dipole as an inverted V, the half wavelength for 40 meter works fine. I compare it with my Miracle Whip + 10 meter wire (horizontal) and the difference is overall approximately 12 db. Polarization could be a factor. It should work on 80 meter as well, but I don't get it resonant for 80 meter. Maybe a not well soldered connection with the 80 meter coil. Now is 80 meter no high priority band. I am no ragchewing radio amateur. I don't mind because I like 40 meter more. This antenna is temporarily, because in the future I will experiment with EH antenna for the lower bands. Though the antenna is controversial, I do like the concept. This dipole can handle 1,2 KW, which I will never use. My license allow me to work with 400 watts on HF. But this is still too much. The weather forecast favorable, the frost period will be short, so I hope I can put up the vertical soon. Yesterday I worked with SSB on 40 meter: DL6AN (10W), DK2MH (50W), and 4L2DL (100W) Georgia was on a very quiet 40 meter band, and I tried first 10 watts but nope, then I tried 100 watts and yes, he heard me. That was a new DXCC for me. Unfortunately no QRP, hi. My preference will be with QRP.

UPDATE: I got the dipole resonant in the 80 meter band. The resonance frequency was far beyond the 80 meter band. I shortened the wire of the 80 meter part and I was successful. It is for 80 meter an antenna with a very narrow bandwidth. Between 3700-3710 KHz I do have a SWR of 1,2:1 Between 3690 and 3700 KHz SWR 1,5:1 and also between 3710 and 3720 KHz. On 40 meter the SWR is 1:1 between 7025 - 7145 KHz. Perfect so to say.

This morning I had a sked with Adam M6RDP. A could receive him with good signals between 57 and 59. Sometimes QSB, but most of the time it was OK. After the sked with Adam I worked MØIME Martin also from Torquay, UK (just like Adam) with CW on 40 meter.


  1. Thanks for the video, Paul. 12db is no small improvement! Think this antenna will perform well for you.

    GL es 73 de Dick

  2. Looks like an interesting antenna. I am interested in the mounting of the centre.
    Are you able to tell me the make of antenna?

  3. Hello Dick, your welcome. As you can see I got the antenna resonant also for 80 meter. Though, with a very narrow bandwidth. It's only for a sked on 80 meter or with a contest such as the PACC contest 13 and 14 February.

    Hello Andre, the antenna is a Diamond W735. You can find info on the Internet. Till now I am very satisfied with the antenna. It works fine.

  4. Hallo Paul,

    Good to taolk to you this morning. Your signal and audio were amazing! Martin is also a member of the Watcombe Radio Club and he gives me a lift on Monday nights. Small world. Enjoy the football this weekend. 73 Adam

    PS The video is fantastic. Great looking antenna.

  5. Paul,

    Nice looking set up! I have always used a tree for the center section. Never considered using a mast for that purpose - although I have used masts for the end supports. I hope you have many years of good luck and good use with it.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  6. Hi Paul! I have also w-735 in my garage, it is not installed because I was not satisfied for my first test setup on 80m band, regarding your text, perhaps I should adjust the length of 80m band wires when results will be better, however I like very much of G5RV antennas easy and works always..

    73'' de Teemu OH6KNW / HB9FDL

    1. Anonymous4/08/2012

      je n'arrive pas à accorder ma W-735 sur 3,5 mais sur 7 Mhz c'est formidable. Il me semble que le brin pour 80 m est un peu court.

    2. Pour l'hiver je tourne le dos dipôle. Une bonne antenne. 73 Paul

    3. Hi Teemu, the bandwidth is very small on 80 meter. But when I use a tuner I can work the entire 80 meter band. 73 paul


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