Tuesday, January 5, 2010

40 meter net

There was a lot of activity on 40 meter this morning. I worked with SSB SP6JOE Joe from Roztoka, Poland. I worked him before on December 29th 2008 under my previous call sign PA9B. Most of the time I was listening to several group QSO's. I heard F5VGT Jean from Bor et Bar, France. I think it's a Dutchman, because he speaks fluently Dutch. He was in QSO with Loek PFØIS. It seems to be that they are every day QRV on 7195 KHz. Another group I listen to was with MØSTF and MØXAP in QSO with DJØOK and DJ2XB. I seldom break in while a group is in QSO. I can't hear a lot of stations in the net. But others came in with S9+

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