Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have not yet turned on the rig today. This morning when I looked at the HF propagation I saw a Solar Flux of 82 and sunspots 38. Wow, that would mean that today I can work some DX? That would be nice. I worked G3LUW Brian from Lifton, UK with 5 watts SSB on 7134 KHz. He had a good signal here with his 200 watts.


  1. I heard a US station last night on 40m PSK31, and this morning some Europeans worked a VK8 on 20m PSK31 (I couldn't hear him). Things are definitely improving.

  2. Hello Julian, maybe tonight on 40 meter... 73 Paul

  3. Lets hope it is a sign of good things to come in 2010.

  4. GE Paul,

    Love your Christmas blog header!

    Yep, great to have some good conditions today.

    73 Adam

  5. Great seasonal blog header, Paul.

    From what I read, conditions are improving. I expect to be back at my USA QTH March 1, so I hope propagation continues to improve...and remain improved. QTH in "F" land may be different next year, meaning a better antenna set-up condition.

  6. Hello Steve, Adam and Dick,
    Lets hope this is a promise for 2010! A lot of sunspots. Last night 40 meter was completely dead. I did not hear any station. Only 80 meter was good. Lets see what this day will bring. 73 Paul


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